Follow your consumer journey; Insight, engagement, personalize.


Most of the consumers will be unaware of your brand, or the fact that they actually have a need for your service. So it’s vital to start building awareness and engagement without directly selling.


The consumer has realized the need or desire and will start with a number of potential brands or service providers in mind, this is when you need to be specific with your targeting and influencing their decisions. In order to do so effectively, you need to identify the best channels and most appropriate content to reach your target audience.


The consumer has moved down the funnel and has now entered into the active purchasing stage. At this point, you should be driving further consideration for your brand with helpful content that focuses more on the advanced benefits and features of your product.


You now have a new consumer but the journey is not complete! Here you must focus efforts on driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Identify your customers, set the content type, connect them regularly and analyze daily.